Laura Genoway is a certified Intuitive Coach and Usui Reiki Master Teacher who specializes in the integration of Multidimensional Consciousness. She helps highly sensitive and creative individuals reconnect with their intuition and live on purpose.
Sessions are available in the San Francisco Bay Area studio or at a distance by phone from anywhere on the planet. Classes on Reiki healing, the multidimensional energy body, and intuition are also available.


The Art of Working Together. We each have a unique path in life and there are times when an objective, spiritual perspective can help to get us back on track. As a natural clairvoyant reader and trained Intuition MedicineĀ® consultant,

Healing Arts

Ancient Eastern disciplines such as reiki, acupuncture and yoga acknowledge the existence of subtle energy systems within and around the physical body that are the conduit through which our spirit connects into our physical body and into the earth. Your


Your Multidimensional Self Intuitive Journey Thru Your Energy Body 8 WEEK LIVE CLASS SERIES – online or phone The class series starts – 2016 TBA During this exploration of the multidimensional, human energy body, you will be led on a

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