Laura J. Genoway

Spirituality and creative expression have been the life-long focus of my curiosity and exploration. In addition to being an artist, natural clairvoyant and admirer of this planet’s beauty, I am a certified Intuitive Coach, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and Aromatherapist who is passionate about supporting others on the path of imagination, creativity and intuitive living!

Since 1987, I have trained with with many innovative teachers including: Michael Harner PhD (core shamanism), Kurt Schnaubelt PhD (aromatherapy), Rosalyn Bruyere (hands-on-healing) and Francesca McCartney PhD (intuition).

I am an adjunct faculty member of the Academy of Intuition Medicine®, and have a private practice in the in the San Francisco Bay Area where I offer in-person and long distance intuitive consultations and energy healing sessions, as well as classes on energy healing, consciousness and intuition.

Laura Genoway
. Certified Intuitive Coach
. Usui Reiki Master Teacher
. Energy Balancing Facilitator
. Multidimensional Guide