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A topic that has always put me off when it comes to New Age rhetoric is the notion that earth life, being in a physical body, is somehow less desirable than being pure spirit – freed from the confines of the physical. There seems to be a message that this lower, slower earth reality is less than or inferior to the higher, brighter spiritual realm. This message is enforced with a variety of spiritual tools that are intended to help you transcend or rise above this earthly, physical existence.

There are many of us who believe that we are here for a reason. We chose to be here. By trying to deny or rise above your earthy life we could be missing a huge opportunity. Even if you take the view, as many spiritual traditions do, that we are trapped on earth in a loop of karma or patterns of behavior, then you are forgetting that before you showed up here, while you were still an “all knowing” spirit, completely free and above it all, you chose to come into a physical body. What was the reason? Maybe there is something that you can learn here that you can’t learn anywhere else.

A more holistic or integrative approach would be to allow all aspects of our being to be expressed fully, allowing our spirit to flow freely as an expression our physical body while maintaining awareness and a willingness to change ingrained thoughts and behaviors. We would be making a shift toward seeing our personal growth as a process toward evolution of our spirit and valuing the significant role of our daily lives and physical bodies in that essential growth process.

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