Gratitude Affirmations for Chakras

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In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us will be making lists of all that we have to be grateful for, but if you already have a daily “Gratitude” practice, you realize that Gratitude and Positive Affirmations are powerful tools that can help create an abundant and joyful life experience by “over-writing” negative thought [...]

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Reclaiming Your Energy: a daily practice

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This exercise has ancient roots to many cultures and practices. The version described below is one of the simplest although you will find more elaborate rituals for a variety of purposes. Practiced daily, these deceptively simple steps will help you to recharge your energy and release stressful situations. Just 5 minutes at the end of each [...]

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Omega Summary and Orb Pics

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HEALING and INTUITION What an amazing experience! Surrounded by the beauty of nature and connecting with so many different beautiful beings. The workshop was held in the sanctuary building, a wooded spot where guests normally come to meditate. There were 44 students from all walks of life and Francesca was able to adjust her teachings [...]

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Living Intuition

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Sunday – August 2 We arrived at Omega extremely late, 11:45pm. 15 minutes before guest services closed for the night. Storms in New York City caused our flight from Minneapolis, MN to be delayed, which resulted in missing our scheduled train to Rhinecliff, NY. After arriving at Penn Station, we boarded the A Train instead [...]

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Spirituality vs. Earth Reality

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I recently received a notice for a class titled Spirituality 101. This got me to thinking. How many of us see our “spiritual” life as separate from our everyday “normal” life? Do we go to church once a week, meditate or attend satsang in order to fill up a spiritual void - and then go [...]

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Body as Spirit

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A topic that has always put me off when it comes to New Age rhetoric is the notion that earth life, being in a physical body, is somehow less desirable than being pure spirit – freed from the confines of the physical. There seems to be a message that this lower, slower earth reality is [...]

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Language of Intuition at Omega

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I will be one of Francesca McCartney’s teaching assistants during family week (August 2-7, 2009) at the Omega Institute’s Rhinebeck NY campus. Read on for workshop details. Hope to see you there! The Language of Intuition Creating Health, Positive Energy & Vitality Recent research shows that intuition is a natural human sense which operates in [...]

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