Your Multidimensional Self

Intuitive Journey Thru Your Energy Body chakras-meditation
8 WEEK LIVE CLASS SERIES – online or phone

The class series starts
– 2016 TBA

During this exploration of the multidimensional, human energy body, you will be led on a guided journey of personal discovery. Each week, your intuition will deepen as you experience the layers of information in your aura and chakras.

Learn to trust your inner guidance and rediscover your body’s wisdom.

Perfect for the highly sensitive person who wants to utilize the GIFT of Sensitivity to develop healthy boundaries, wisdom, creativity and healing energy. In other words…reclaim your personal power!



Energy Balancing Techniques

REIKI – level 1
fol-handsLearn the basics of the ancient healing art of Reiki and access universal life force energy for your own healing. This loving energy frequency can be offered to support friends, family and pets.

REIKI – level 2
Explore 3 powerful Reiki symbols. Learn how to offer Reiki at any distance + hands-on healing techniques to strengthen your Reiki practice.

REIKI – level 3
At the Reiki Master (teacher) level, you will learn 2 new Reiki power symbols for teaching and spiritual development. This level is a deep commitment to your wisdom path and consciousness expansion.

Details coming soon. If you are interested in taking a class, please Contact Me for info.


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