Explore Your Full Potential and Reclaim Your Inner Brilliance

doorway portal awarenessAs a child, were you filled with a sense of wonder and excitement? You are here to imagine and create a joyful life, but over time, external factors – including cultural, familial and environmental – may have influenced your internal experience of life and contributed to self-doubt or loss of your authentic self and your sense of purpose.

By searching for outside validation and ignoring the promptings of our wise heart and soul, many of us give away our personal power, limiting our ability to see all of the possibilities and to make positive life choices. As a result, life can seem dull and choices appear to be limited.

My name is Laura Genoway, and I work with highly sensitive and creative individuals to navigate change and reclaim personal power. If you are ready to ignite your inner fire and experience a magical life, let’s work together.

Certified Intuitive Coach . Usui Reiki Master Teacher . Energy Balancing Facilitator