What Might You Experience During a Session?

chakrasHumans are multi-dimensional beings with inner connected physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Ancient Eastern disciplines such as Chinese medicine, acupuncture and yoga acknowledge the existence of subtle energy systems within and around the physical body that are the conduit through which our spirit connects into our physical body and into the earth.

When our physical body and spirit are in alignment and in balance, we feel energized, empowered and able to create what we want in our lives. When our physical body and spirit are out of alignment due to social conditioning, cultural expectations, emotional trauma, physical injury, or unresolved memories, we lack vitality for life and sometimes can become physically ill or have a difficult time creating a holistically harmonious life.

Thoughts, fears, personal history, grievances, intentions, and belief systems that one holds – either consciously or unconsciously – as well as those of our family, friends and society, can be imprinted in our subtle energy systems and physical body impacting how one feels and expresses oneself in the world. During classes and personal sessions holistic techniques, such as grounding and life-force energy, are presented and applied to heal the subtle energy systems. The focus of these techniques is to support the healing of the client’s body / spirit integration.

How you feel after a personal session may vary depending on the topic covered. Oftentimes, a client may feel an increased flow of energy throughout their body and personal space creating an increased sense of well-being. However, the work can bring about the release of old emotions such as grief, sadness or anger as part of the healing process. The process may also bring to your attention outdated energetic patterns in your life, including but not limited to, relationships with family, friends, and work. Clearing imbalances in your subtle body may be reflected in your relationships with others and the world.

If you experience any discomfort that you believe is a result of meditation, energy healing or bodywork, please communicate this experience to the practitioner. It is your responsibility to communicate with the practitioner if the class or session feels incomplete. Some issues may require additional private consultations or a referral to another health care practitioner.

Energy Medicine as a holistic health practice is a personal choice in self-discovery that only you can make for yourself.