The Heart of Illumination

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I work with highly sensitive and creative individuals to navigate change and reclaim their personal power. In a world where the analytical mind is revered, it’s easy to understand why many of us become disconnected. For many years, I didn’t fully trust my own intuitive senses because of societal conditioning.

Expanding into our full potential in life means staying in alignment with our soul’s purpose and having an understanding of why we are here. Human Design and Intuition provide valuable tools for us to integrate our multidimensional aspects into the greater reality and contribute our unique gifts within our community.

I enjoy guiding others in their process of reconnecting with their inner guidance and amplifying their inner light.
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Intuition Illuminated

Your Inner Guidance System.

I believe that each of us is gifted with an internal guidance system that’s perfectly attuned to providing all of the direction we need in life. However, I also know there are times when an objective, spiritual perspective can help us get back on track.

During intuitive sessions, I provide perceptions and guidance to assist you in navigating change on the way to receiving what you desire. The intention is to shine a light so you can more easily recognize patterns that are ready to evolve – bringing you more into alignment with your inner guidance, and the personal power needed to allow your life to transform.

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Evolving Consciousness

Expanded Awareness & Human Design.

We are born with gifts to share and unique interests and inclinations that will guide us toward that which is correct for us. We’re intended to imagine and create a fulfilling life by simply following our inner (soul) guidance.

Because many family and cultural beliefs don’t include this understanding, we’re taught to use our analytical mind to make decisions. We learn to ignore our interests and intuitive perceptions in an attempt to remain “safe” or meet the expectations of others. As a result, we can become disconnected from our inner guidance system and our sense of purpose – searching externally for direction and validation of our personal choices.

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Energy Cultivation

Personal Power. Aura & Chakra Balancing.

Creating a new life requires a shift in your energetic resonance. There are many tools and techniques you can utilize to facilitate change and inner alignment. The key to unlock all the power needed for transformation – is already inside of you.

Your biofield contains the energy pathways, centers and systems that augment the body’s natural healing potential and the vibrational resonance of your current life situation. Through the art and practice of energy balancing, a transformative process is activated within the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of your body’s energy field.

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Creativity & Dreaming

Vision. Curiosity. Imagination.

When you’re inspired to make big life changes – especially in the areas of career, relationships, or location – you may feel limited by your current circumstances. Many of us have settled into a routine which has taken shape over a lifetime of decision making that’s based on what we’ve been conditioned to believe is (or is not) possible, what is practical, what’s safe and certain, etc. As a result, we make most of our decisions by analyzing the situation and choosing the options we think will work out for us.

Because we believe that our options are limited, we go against our inner guidance – and that split then diminishes our life force energy (our light, chi) which can create emotional (and eventually physical) pain. We shut down to numb that pain and end up living someone else’s dream – fulfilling the expectations of family or the bigger societal structure.