The Heart of Illumination

Amplify Your Inner Light Intuitivelyprayer hands

I work with highly sensitive and creative individuals to navigate change and reclaim their personal power. In a world where the analytical mind is revered, it’s easy to understand why many of us become disconnected. For many years, I didn’t fully trust my own intuitive senses because of societal conditioning.

Expanding into our full potential in life means staying in alignment with our soul’s purpose and having an understanding of why we are here. Human Design and Intuition provide valuable tools for us to integrate our multidimensional aspects into the greater reality and contribute our unique gifts within our community.

I enjoy guiding others in their process of reconnecting with their inner guidance and amplifying their inner light.
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Laura J. Genoway

Certified Intuitive Coach | Quantum Human Design™ Specialist | Reiki Master | Multidimensional Guide | Visionary Artist