Language of Intuition at Omega

I will be one of Francesca McCartney’s teaching assistants during family week (August 2-7, 2009) at the Omega Institute’s Rhinebeck NY campus. Read on for workshop details. Hope to see you there!

The Language of Intuition
Creating Health, Positive Energy & Vitality

Recent research shows that intuition is a natural human sense which operates in harmony with the other five senses. Francesca McCartney teaches us to make this “sixth” sense our first sense, by providing the tools to understand its language.

During the week, we learn the principles from McCartney’s book Body of Health to explore our intuitive nature. Through intellectual dialogue, active practice with energy tools, guided meditations, hands-on experiential sessions, and personal energy sessions from the teaching assistants, we learn to create more health, positive energy, and vitality in our lives.

We discover how to: nourish our body and emotions; balance the aura and chakra systems; generate personal life-force energy for vitality; source positive energy for creating harmonious relationships; recognize intuition as the voice of inner spiritual wisdom; and create a communication link to healing guides.

$20 materials fee; include when you register. Bring a journal. The book Body of Health will be distributed at the workshop. Recommended reading: McCartney, Intuition Medicine.

Francesca McCartney, PhD, is president of Energy Medicine University and the Academy of Intuition Medicine in California. Working as an intuitive in the medical field since 1976, she teaches laypeople and health-care practitioners energetic techniques to nurture the body and spirit with an effective hands-on healing therapy.

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