Spirituality vs. Earth Reality

I recently received a notice for a class titled Spirituality 101. This got me to thinking. How many of us see our “spiritual” life as separate from our everyday “normal” life? Do we go to church once a week, meditate or attend satsang in order to fill up a spiritual void – and then go back into our daily life knowing that we touched on something higher or more expansive than we expect to be able to experience in our ordinary life?

What if we used this realization to shift how we view reality instead? Can we see ourselves moving from an awareness of earth vs. spirit into a multi-dimensional awareness where physical reality is an extension of spirit? How would this change our priorities? Might we begin to see every experience, every action and every thought as an opportunity for development and enjoyment? We might begin to see beyond societal and cultural boundaries to take responsibility for our lives, and answer the invitation to bring all of our spiritual awareness into harmony with our daily, life.

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