Living Intuition

Omega Rhinbeck campus-300x217Sunday – August 2

We arrived at Omega extremely late, 11:45pm. 15 minutes before guest services closed for the night. Storms in New York City caused our flight from Minneapolis, MN to be delayed, which resulted in missing our scheduled train to Rhinecliff, NY. After arriving at Penn Station, we boarded the A Train instead of the E Train. This turned out to be the longer of the 2 routes to Penn Station. On the way, we were exposed to a variety of people from all walks of life. One young man looked like he was meditating the entire time. Another one got on for only 2 stops but was obviously in a very bad state, probably drug induced. He spit on the floor right before he got off the train.

Several of us who had been on the train before and after him noticed that no one else would sit anywhere near his seat. For the next 4 or 5 stops, several groups of people got on the train and went to sit near the seat he had been in but would always decide against it. Finally, a single woman, who was preoccupied with reading something, sat a couple of seats away from the location.

All of these people were using their intuition although they would probably not knowingly acknowledge it. They had sensed something intangible that let them know not to sit in that area. Whether it was negative energy lingering in the space or a resonance of the collective experience from those of us looking on, doesn’t really matter. It was a beautiful example of how we humans have this innate sense that assists us daily, in all areas of our life. We can cultivate it as a helpful tool, or we can deny it and miss a lot of useful information.

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