Omega Summary and Orb Pics


What an amazing experience! Surrounded by the beauty of nature and connecting with so many different beautiful beings. The workshop was held in the sanctuary building, a wooded spot where guests normally come to meditate. There were 44 students from all walks of life and Francesca was able to adjust her teachings to meet the needs of the group beautifully. As her assistants, we gained valuable experience at holding sacred space and had the honor of offering healing sessions to the students between classes.

The pictures, in the slide show above, were taken by my daughter who also attended the class. If you are interested in the phenomenon of orbs, you will find several in the interior sanctuary images. The pictures were taken on a break during class. You can see at least 3 large orbs above the main teachers’ chairs (above the stone wall) in one image, and in another one, you can see many of them – all sizes. In my picture, there is a small one (look around my left ear). I will post larger pics so that you can see them more clearly…kind of fun. Digital images of our friends in energy/spirit form.

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