Reclaiming Your Energy: a daily practice

redwood-trail_center-image-300x130This exercise has ancient roots to many cultures and practices. The version described below is one of the simplest although you will find more elaborate rituals for a variety of purposes. Practiced daily, these deceptively simple steps will help you to recharge your energy and release stressful situations. Just 5 minutes at the end of each day can help you have a more peaceful sleep and awake with renewed clarity.

1. Sit in a comfortable spot where you will not be disturbed.

2. Set an intention for this exercise. (It could be that you want clarity on a particular life issue, you might use the extra energy to create positive change, or you might simply want restful sleep.)

3. “Ground” yourself by bringing all of your awareness into this moment. Be completely present in your physical body from your head to your toes. Feel your feet on the ground. Have an awareness of your energy body being connected above to the sun and below to the earth’s core. Bring a focused awareness into the center of your heart area – feeling a gentle warmth or expansive sensation.

4. Allow your memory to go back to the start of your day. As you review the day’s events, notice where you may feel a loss of energy or where you may have taken on someone else’s energy or ideas. Don’t get caught up in analyzing or judging the events. Simply notice and remain as neutral as possible.

5. With the intention of reclaiming all of your energy, breathe deeply as you review the day’s events. You may visualize, intend or feel your energy returning as you breathe it in. If you feel an emotional charge, simply allow this emotional energy to dissipate down into the center of the earth through your grounded connection. Continue to breathe – filling up your entire body.

6. If you notice an event that caused you to take on someone else’s energy or beliefs, breathe out fully sending the disharmonious energy back to its source.  Remember to remain neutral, sending any emotional charge into the earth for healing as you release the neutral energy back to it’s source.

7. If you should find an event or situation coming into your awareness that did not happen that particular day, you may recall and/or release the energy, or simply ignore it and move back to the day’s events you are reviewing.

8. When you feel done with your review/reclaim/release process, acknowledge the intention set at the beginning of the exercise, and let go of the process. Hold a grounded connection to your body. You may notice a feeling of relaxation and/or renewed energy for your intended goal.

(NOTE: If a particular event keeps pulling on your attention or you don’t feel any different, go back through the process and repeat for those isolated events because you may have moved through the exercise too quickly.)

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