Type in Human Design is the Role you play in the Story of Life. Your Type & your Inner Authority, are determined by the “definition” in your HD Bodygraph (your birth info chart). Each Type has a natural Strategy for how to interact with life.

In traditional Human Design, there are 4 Types: Manifestor, Generator (sub-type Manifesting Generator), Projector, Reflector. In Quantum Human Design, Karen Curry Parker separates the Generator Types into 2 groups for a total of 5 Types. The new QHD names for the 5 Types: Initiator, Alchemist, Time Bender, Orchestrator, Calibrator.

Once you learn your Type, start by experimenting with your Strategy & Authority for 3-6 months so you get a sense of how it improves your decision-making process – away from mental conditioning of “shoulds” toward activities that are in alignment with your heart, soul & your higher potential.

What’s Your Type?
QHD Alchemist / HD Generatory

QHD Type: Alchemist

HD Type: Generator

37% of population

Spiritual Purpose: Turn Inspiration into Form

Quantum Purpose: To physically manifest creativity and express through devotion

Emotional Theme: Satisfaction to Frustration

Strategy: To Respond

QHD Time Bender / HD Manifesting Generator

QHD Type: Time Bender

HD Type: Manifesting Generator

33% of population

Spiritual Purpose: Turn Inspiration into Form

Quantum Purpose: To physically manifest creativity and speed up the quantum process and linear time

Emotional Theme: Satisfaction to Frustration/Anger

Strategy: To Respond, then Envision, Inform, then Act

QHD Orchestrator / HD Projector

QHD Type: Orchestrator

HD Type: Projector

21% of population

Spiritual Purpose: To anchor the energetic template of what we are here to create, to align the energy of the world and heal the energy of the planet

Quantum Purpose: To hold the energy template of what’s to come and to clear the vibration of the collective consciousness

Emotional Theme: Success to Bitterness

Strategy: Wait for an Invitation with Recognition

QHD Initiator / HD Manifestor

QHD Type: Initiator

HD Type: Manifestor

8% of population

Spiritual Purpose: Translate Divine Inspiration into Action

Quantum Purpose: To initiate people into the frequency of transformation and creativity through direct access to the Quantum Pulse

Emotional Theme: Peace to Anger

Strategy: To Inform (adult) / ask permission (child)

QHD Calibrator / HD Reflector

QHD Type: Calibrator

HD Type: Reflector

1% of population

Spiritual Purpose: To be the barometer of humanity’s alignment with the Heart

Quantum Purpose: To mirror to others the Human condition and Human potential

Emotional Theme: Surprise to Disappointment

Strategy: Wait a Full Lunar Cycle

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An accurate Human Design chart, like an Astrology chart, requires the exact time, date and location of your birth. Depending on the day, there can be significant changes to the chart within a minute or two. The software we use not only asks for the hour and minutes, but also the seconds of your birth (HH:MM:SS). However, knowing the hour and minute is good enough to generate an accurate Human Design chart.

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