Type in Human Design is the Role you play in the Story of Life. Your Type & your Inner Authority, are determined by the “definition” in your HD Bodygraph (your birth info chart). Each Type has a natural Strategy for how to interact with life.

In traditional Human Design, there are 4 Types: Manifestor, Generator (sub-type Manifesting Generator), Projector, Reflector. In Quantum Human Design, Karen Curry Parker separates the Generator Types into 2 groups for a total of 5 Types. The new QHD names for the 5 Types: Initiator, Alchemist, Time Bender, Orchestrator, Calibrator.

Once you learn your Type, start by experimenting with your Strategy & Authority for 3-6 months so you get a sense of how it improves your decision-making process – away from mental conditioning of “shoulds” toward activities that are in alignment with your heart, soul & your higher potential.

What’s Your Type?
QHD Alchemist / HD Generatory

QHD Type: Alchemist

HD Type: Generator

37% of population

Spiritual Purpose: Turn Inspiration into Form

Quantum Purpose: To physically manifest creativity and express through devotion

Emotional Theme: Satisfaction to Frustration

Strategy: To Respond

QHD Time Bender / HD Manifesting Generator

QHD Type: Time Bender

HD Type: Manifesting Generator

33% of population

Spiritual Purpose: Turn Inspiration into Form

Quantum Purpose: To physically manifest creativity and speed up the quantum process and linear time

Emotional Theme: Satisfaction to Frustration/Anger

Strategy: To Respond, then Envision, Inform, then Act

QHD Orchestrator / HD Projector

QHD Type: Orchestrator

HD Type: Projector

21% of population

Spiritual Purpose: To anchor the energetic template of what we are here to create, to align the energy of the world and heal the energy of the planet

Quantum Purpose: To hold the energy template of what’s to come and to clear the vibration of the collective consciousness

Emotional Theme: Success to Bitterness

Strategy: Wait for an Invitation with Recognition

QHD Initiator / HD Manifestor

QHD Type: Initiator

HD Type: Manifestor

8% of population

Spiritual Purpose: Translate Divine Inspiration into Action

Quantum Purpose: To initiate people into the frequency of transformation and creativity through direct access to the Quantum Pulse

Emotional Theme: Peace to Anger

Strategy: To Inform (adult) / ask permission (child)

QHD Calibrator / HD Reflector

QHD Type: Calibrator

HD Type: Reflector

1% of population

Spiritual Purpose: To be the barometer of humanity’s alignment with the Heart

Quantum Purpose: To mirror to others the Human condition and Human potential

Emotional Theme: Surprise to Disappointment

Strategy: Wait a Full Lunar Cycle