The Planets & Your Human Design Gate Activations.Laura G Quantum Human Design bodygraph

Each Chart has a total of 26 “activations” designated by the 13 planets listed on your Chart (Kiron / Chiron does not activate a Gate). The planets position at the moment of your birth and approximately three months prior to birth are what activate or define the Channels and Gates in your Chart.

The numbers in black (Soul Purpose / conscious) and the numbers in red (Life Story / unconscious) on either side of your BodyGraph – next to the planetary symbols – correspond with the colored in Definition on your Chart.

Each Planet represents a theme within your chart and the Gate holds the archetypal energy that plays out. Below, are the planetary themes represented in the Human Design chart.

sun astrology symbol


Outer Expression. What you’re here to give the world.

earth astrology symbol


What grounds you. What you need in order to be stable and grounded.

north node astrology symbol

North Node

Breathing Out. Life theme we’re moving towards after Uranus Opposition. (approx. 38-42 yrs)

south node astrology symbol

South Node

Breathing In. Life theme we start in – from youth to midlife.

moon astrology symbol


What motivates you. Why we do what we do.

mercury astrology symbol


Communication. What we’re here to communicate about and share.

venus astrology symbol


Values. What we really value and love in our relationships.

mars astrology symbol


Immaturity. Where we experience our youthful lessons.

jupiter astrology symbol


Blessings. Where we receive our rewards and blessings.

saturn astrology symblo


The Great Teacher. What we are here to learn.

chiron astrology symbol


The Wounded Healer. Part of our Life & Spiritual Purpose – or Spiritual Challenge if born before 1978.

uranus astrology symbol


Where you are different. Our faith teacher. Where we can expect the unexpected.

neptune astrology symbol


Our Spiritual theme. Our (veiled) Spiritual connection/work/purpose.

pluto astrology symbol


Expansion/Challenge (Generational). Where we grow evolve and transform through a release and rebirth.