Expanded Awareness

radiant blossomWe are born with gifts to share and unique interests and inclinations that will guide us toward that which is correct for us. We’re intended to experience a fulfilling life by simply following our inner guidance.

Because many family and cultural beliefs don’t included this understanding, we’re taught to use our analytical mind to make decisions. As a result, we can become disconnected from our inner guidance system and our sense of purpose – searching externally for direction and validation of our personal choices.

We are in a time of rapidly evolving consciousness. You’re not alone in feeling uncertain and disconnected. The old familiar ways of navigating through life are being called into question. There’s a need for each of us to be authentic and in alignment with our soul calling, so that we create harmony – individually and collectively.

Human Design

When I discovered the Human Design System in 2011, it changed my life. “It provides you with simple yet effective tools to enhance your life, reducing confusion, stress and resistance. It is essentially your own navigation tool.” The system is simple yet complex – unpacking all of the conditioning we’ve been exposed to over a lifetime can take time to unravel. Learn More »