What Lights You Up?

For me, looking at the stars in the night sky has always been a source of inspiration and connection to spirit. As soon as I look up and see the sparkling points of light, my heart expands, and I know that I am not alone. I experience the mystery of the unseen – feeling my feet on the earth and the magic of possibilities ahead.

Your Life Story

Each of us is born to live a unique and essential part in the collective story that is played out on planet Earth. No one is an “extra”. We each make a difference in the lives of those that we come into contact with, not to mention the trajectory of the future that will be played out – whether we realize it or not.

The clues and cues for how your story will unfold on your specific life journey live inside of you. Learning to recognize and follow your inner guidance will lead toward a more fulfilling experience. As more of us are living this way, I suspect we will enjoy a more harmonious and expansive planet.

You are the Artist, Dreamer & Creator of Your Life

fork in the roadWhether you are on this page because you’re uncomfortable or uncertain about your life, simply exploring intuition out of curiosity, or some combination of feeling stuck / bored / curious about what else might be possible – Welcome!

I believe that each of us is gifted with an internal guidance system that’s perfectly attuned to providing all of the direction we need in life. However, I also know there are times when an objective, spiritual perspective can help us get back on track.

As a natural clairvoyant reader of subtle energy, and a certified Intuitive Coach, I’m able to provide a neutral perspective so that you can recognize the patterns holding you in place and understand what’s needed to expand to your next level.

The Art of Working Together

During intuitive sessions, I offer information as symbols, images, and perceptions that provide guidance to assist you in navigating the changes necessary to receive what you desire. Each intuitive session is unique to your current situation. You may prefer a general scan of where you are and where you’re headed from a spiritual perspective, or you may choose to have the session focus on a specific area for your life such as career, relationships, purpose, etc.

I work with you at a soul level to communicate information that’s most beneficial for your next stage of growth. Readings combine intuitive perceptions, a clairvoyant scan of your energy field, and other relevant information that presents itself.

The intention is to shine a light, so that you can more easily recognize the patterns which are ready to shift, help you build trust in your own inner guidance, and give you tools to cultivate the personal power needed to transform your life.

open to possibilities

Intuitive Energy Reading & Guidance Session

Readings provide a snapshot of the subtle energy and limiting patterns that are leading you in a certain direction — they do not predict “the future”.

With new information, you have the opportunity to review alternate choices – revealing possibilities and opportunities to realign with your original soul purpose and attract supportive relationships in many areas of your life.

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Session Highlights

  • Overview of your energy signature – resonance & frequency.
  • Scan of your energy field – aura, chakras & pathways.
  • Review of life theme and lessons – update outdated patterns.
  • Renewed clarity, alignment with purpose, & expanded choices.