Vision. Curiosity. Imagination.

inner compass guide

When you’re inspired to make big life changes – especially when it comes to career, relationships, or location – you may feel limited by your circumstances. You have settled into a routine which has taken shape over a lifetime of decision making that’s based on what you’ve been conditioned to believe is (or is not) possible, what is practical, what’s safe and certain, etc. If you’re like most people, you have been taught to make decisions by analyzing the situation and choosing the options you think will work out for you.

When you believe that your options are limited, you may often go against your inner guidance, gut feelings, instincts, or desires. Making life choices with the mind creates an internal disconnect or split in your natural connection to a greater holistic awareness. Energetically, you are narrowing or shutting off pathways that receive and distribute your  life force energy (light, chi) and information throughout your system. You effectively dim your light which can create emotional (and eventually physical) pain. We then shut down to numb that pain, and end up living someone else’s dream – fulfilling the expectations of family or the bigger societal structure.

That way of operating might keep you alive in a world where survival is uncertain and your tribe has lost all connection to what is natural. However, it is not a way to thrive or create a cohesive and sustainable community. We’ve long outgrown that paradigm. We must remember our authentic self and nurture our dreams so that balance is restored between our body, mind, soul, community, and planet.

Creativity & Dreaming

Creativity and imagination come naturally to us as children. If you don’t feel creative now, it’s  probably because you’ve cultivated certain abilities that were considered valuable to your success or survival, and ignored or diminished others – like creativity and intuition.

It’s never too late to experience a life that brings harmony and fulfillment. Remembering your childhood interests, aspirations, and dreams can reveal the type of life you’re designed to experience and create. Exploring aspects of yourself that may have been hidden away is a necessary process in aligning with your original soul purpose.

  • If you had no responsibilities and no time limits, what would you do immediately?
  • Question your assumptions.
    • “Is it true that I can’t ___?”
    • “Is it true that I must ___?”
  • Allow your imagination to run without expectations – daydream.

Human Design

Human Design is another tool for finding out your original blueprint of how you were born to be – before people started telling who you “should” be. The Human Design system is simple yet complex – so give yourself time to unpack the information and unravel all of the conditioning you’ve been exposed to over your life.

Human Design Reading