If you already have a daily “Gratitude” practice, you realize that Gratitude and Positive Affirmations are powerful tools that can help create an abundant and joyful life experience by “over-writing” negative thought patterns and “reprogramming” limiting beliefs.

Do you realize that affirmations can also be used to self-test for Chakra imbalances?

Our thoughts and beliefs can influence the flow of life force energy (Chi) through the various energy centers (Chakras). When your life force is flowing freely through these energy centers, it can be distributed throughout your body for access to enhanced physical vitality and an empowered life.


Try out this simple self-test using the gratitude affirmations below. Read the affirmations, silently or aloud, while noticing your inner response to each statement.

  • “I am grateful for support.”
  • “I am grateful for relationships.”
  • “I am grateful for vitality.”
  • “I am grateful for unconditional love.”
  • “I am grateful for communication.” or “I am grateful for self expression.”
  • “I am grateful for inspiration.”
  • “I am grateful for spiritual connection.”
  • “I am grateful for infinite possibilities.”


As you silently read or say aloud each phrase, notice your inner responses.

  • Do you notice any tension or constriction in your body? Where is it located?
  • Do you have a strong emotional response? Describe the emotion.
  • Does your mind chime in with a limiting belief? (i.e. “I don’t have that!”)


An opening, warming, or tingling sensation in the body or a pleasant emotional response can indicate a balanced flow of energy.

Tension, a constricted sensation in the body, or an unpleasant emotional response can indicate an area of the energy system where the flow of life force energy is being restricted or limited. These challenged areas in your energy system can hold your greatest learning opportunities. Be gentle with yourself in these areas. Don’t try to force an opening but approach that area of your body with curiosity, nurturing and non-judgment. State the affirmation without expectation and notice if your inner response shifts as the increased attention and intention you place allows an opening to occur over time.